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Jackson Cruise FD Recreational Pedal Kayak

Original price was: $2990.Current price is: $1500.

Our unique prop system helps keep the system clear of obstacles and easy to clean and is protected by an articulating daggerboard. The daggerboard serves to help positioning in the wind and also acts as a keel in adding stability when standing on the deck. The Flex Drive is easily deployed with the flip of a lever and an interchangeable electric motor driven head unit will be released in 2018.

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Jackson Cruise FD Recreational Pedal Kayak

The hull of the Cruise FD is sharp and cuts swiftly, silently and efficiently through whatever water it encounters.
Combined with an industry-leading turning radius, the Cruise FD is positioned to be a standout on the water. The Cruise FD expands on the new Flex Drive family of Jackson Kayaks with a solid recreational platform that is quick, nimble and ready for casual tours or can be customized for fishing adventures. Miles roll by effortlessly – lets go for a Cruise!

1 – Improved Front Hatch
Large front hatch with new easy-opening latches.

2 – Hypalon Paddle Blade Keeper
Tuck your paddle blade under this Hypalon keeper to get it out of the way but still in arm’s reach – snag-free for your trable hooks. Resistant to UV damage and temperature extremes, this material will keep your paddle safe!

3 – Gear Track
Located on both sides in front of the passenger, gear track is at the ready to add rod holders, phone holders and many other track-based accessories.

4 – Patent-Pending Flex Drive System
Allows for hands-free cruising, forward and reverse. Unique articulation adapts to shallow water obstacles and allows easy beaching.

5 – Three Propeller Propulsion
Three-bladed propeller allows for a shallow draft, and blade pitch can be adjusted to your personal pedaling style.

6 – Hinged Prop Cover
Cover seals when drive unit is deployed and pops open when drive is retracted.

7 – Ergo Seat
Jackson’s new Ergo Seat features all-new 3D breathable mesh fabric and improved lumbar support. This Hi Lo seat is designed to increase comfort while pedaling and sits higher than our traditional Hi Lo system.

8 – Integrated Dual Rudder Control System
Our integrated dual rudder control system allows precise direction correction while pedaling.

9 – Day Hatch
Handy semi-dry storage for smaller personal items.

10 – Rear Tankwell
Bungeed rear tankwell allows storage of drybags and other gear for quick access.

11 – Track-Mounted Seating System
Seat is mounted on a track system allowing infinite trimming fore and aft.

Jackson Cruise FD - Freak Sports australia

Jackson Cruise FD Recreational Pedal Kayak

Brand Jackson Kayak
Colour Rockfish
Number of Paddlers Single
Length 338cm
Order Terms Special Orders Terms Apply
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