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The Seabob F5 SR is the top of the line Seabob model reaching speeds of 13.7 mph over water, 12.6 mph underwater. A new 7th gear feature takes you into higher levels of performance never before seen in a water sled. Porsche engineering. Added tail fins on the F5 SR improve manoeuvrability. Bigger battery capacity allows operation for one hour & 10 minutes. 2 camera system comes standard, and allows you to record and share your experience via WiFi.

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An upgrade with Performance Raise offers you additional extensive special features: The SEABOB F5 SR is operated with 7 power gears for example. It also offers the SEABOB-Camsystem as standard, with two integrated cameras, a built-in storage system and a WLAN transmission module. You also have the opportunity to select a Bicolour or Big Label special colour from our range of different colours.

The two tail fins on the SEABOB F5 SR create a sporty design and also increase manoeuvrability further when driving underwater. The SEABOB with Performance Raise is identified by the F5 SR type label on the tail.

Performance up to: 4,5 kW / 6.03 hp
Maximum thrust up to: 745 N
Speed over water up to: 22 km/h / 13.67 mph
Speed under water up to: 20 km/h / 12.43 mph
Speed control: 7 power levels between 0 % and 100 % via piezo buttons
Energy: High-Energy Lithium-Ion accumulators
Total capacity approx.: 2,0 kWh; 48 V; 42 Ah
Operating time average: 60 min
Charging time (standard charging) approx.: 8 h
Charging time (quick charging) approx.: 1.5 h
Diving depth: 40 m / 131 ft
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.152 x 543 x 372 (in mm) / 45.35? x 21.38? x 14.64?
Weight approx.: 35 kg / 77.16 lbs
Buoyancy in water approx.: 9 kg / 19.84 lbs
Special equipment: Securing device for Pilot belt system
Extras: Elements in a matt chrome design

The worldwide patented E-Jet Power System works according to the principle of water displacement. The water is sucked in by the powerfully rotating impeller and forced out in the channel under high pressure. The thrust developed in this way propels the Seabob forward in superior fashion.

Maximum thrust requiring little energy makes the E-Jet Power System a unique drive mechanism for powerful watercraft. Thanks to its electro-technology, the system is absolutely environmentally friendly and offers extremely low operating costs.

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