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The short mass and large wing surface facilitate easy takeoff and effortless glide for all riders.
It is the perfect Efoil for beginners, school and rental centers.
Foil 1900 + Mast 50cm

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The Takuma Electronic Foil (or E-Foil) is taking the world by storm!

  • Experience flight like never before without the need for waves, wakes or boats.  The electronic foil is powered by an electronic motor designed by Yamaha motors and provides extremely efficient power for periods up to 2 hours in a single charge.  The device is controlled by a hand control which allows you to easily adjust and taper the speed to have you gliding above the waters surface with speeds up to 30km an hour.
  • With a modular design, the Takuma E-Foil is easily assembled and disassembled and offers a full range of parts and upgrades are available.  The motor and battery can be removed to offer the user a prone option also.
  • Takuma’s team have developed a unique innovation around the E-foil cooling system. The “WATAIR COOL” system in Anodized Aluminium and is specifically designed and patented with BB Talkin who specialize in waterproof Bluetooth connectivity devices.  The Water/air cool system will cool down the ESC both on water and in the air, allowing for an optimal management of the electric system temperatures, offering a superior cooling system when compared to other E-Foils on the market.
  • The built-in Samsung Lithium battery pack is the same system used by TESLA cars, the Samsung 48V/35A packs offer stable and consistent power and is synonymous with longevity and reliability.  The E-TAKUMA electric hydrofoil remote is waterproof, has a safety trigger switch, a turbo boost button and cruise control for the ultimate user experience.
  • So if you are looking to take advantage of the ultimate water experience you can’t go past the E-Takuma Foil Range.


This pack includes :

  • 1 board
  • 1 foil
  • 1 e-mast
  • 1 remote with a charger
  • 1 battery with a charger
  • 1 carrying bag



  • An adaptative board for all levels
  • Thanks to an innovative shape and a right size for most body shapes, whatever your level, you will be able to quickly enjoy your first sensations above water.
  • This product has been tested on more than 500 people. On average they could fly within 3min35.

Motor and Propellers

  • Powerfull propulsion
  • Our unique propulsion system has been designed to give riders the ability to fly above the water in complete safety.
  • Speed – From 8km/h to 30km/h
  • Propulsion : Engine power 3kwh
  • Boat license not needed

Remote Contorller

  • An innovative technology
  • A remote controller, developed with BB Talkin, specialized in action sport intercom. Our remote is very easy to use. It helps you feel safe and feel how easily you can use the product, from the first ride.
  • Waterproof & strong design
  • Cruze control function (speed fix)
  • Turbo boost button
  • Safety trigger switch


  • Adaptded autonomy
  • On water, battery autonomy is between 45 and 75 minutes, depending on conditions and your level.
  • Our product has built-in Samsung Lithium batteries, the same system used by TESLA cars – Samsung 48v/35a

Cooling System

  • Cooling system “ Watair Cool ”
  • Our teams have developed a unique innovation around the E-foil cooling system, allowing for an optimal management of the electric system temperatures.

Modular design

  • The first Modular electric foil
  • Easy switch from electric mast to classic mast making it a multi-use board.


  • Length – 6’2″
  • Width – 27 1/2″
  • Thickness – 5″
  • Volume – 130L


  • BOARD CONSTRUCTION EPS – Foam with full carbon wrap
  • FOIL CONSTRUCTION – Alloy Mast with Carbon Wings
  • MOTOR – Yamaha Electronic Motor
  • BATTERY PACK – Samsung
  • REMOTE CONTROL – BlueTooth
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