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  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLE POLE: Three-position adjustable handlepole can extend up to 50 mm in length.
  • JET PUMP NOZZLE: The new SuperJet hull is designed for greater static and dynamic stability while maintaining the SuperJet’s thrilling turning abilities. To do that, the turn angle of the adjustable steering nozzle can be set at either 16-degrees to 19-degrees.
  • CLASS-LEADING YAMAHA TR-1 ENGINE: Yamaha marine engines have an unmatched reputation for reliability, recognized by boating enthusiasts for their dependability, robust power and fuel efficient design.
  • LARGE FUEL TANK AND FUEL LEVEL METER: Features a 5.0-gallon fuel tank for plenty of range along with a Low Fuel meter and L-MODE for novice riders.
  • ULTRA-LIGHT HULL: 142 pounds lighter and 8.8 inches shorter than its competition.
  • REBOARDING HANDLE WITH PADDED FOOT TRAY: Extra comfort plus easier to reboard from the water.
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Since the demise of the legendary SuperJet two-stroke in 2018, there has been many rumors of a potential four-stroke replacement. Well those rumors have proven to be true, with the release of the all-new Yamaha four-stroke SuperJet in 2021.

Combining the very torquey, lightweight and extremely smooth, Yamaha TR-1 marine engine with an all-new lightweight performance hull, the new SuperJet delivers an unbelievable power-to-weight and agile performance, guaranteed to challenge the best riders, freestylers and racers alike.

For 2021, the Yamaha SuperJet returns all-new from the ground up to challenge a new generation of standup riders with a torquey four-stroke Yamaha marine engine and nimble performance hull that is 60 kilograms lighter, 25 centimetres shorter, and twice as fun to ride than its competition.

No longer reserved for professional racers and freestylers, the new 2021 SuperJet will find appeal with a wide audience including the race community but also among recreational riders looking for a new thrill. This includes aging tricksters who will find the athleticism and excitement of riding the new SuperJet to be a similar challenge as wake surfing, which sees continued interest and growth among this audience.


    • Engine : Yamaha TR-1 Marine Engine
    • Engine Type : Three-Cylinder, Four-Stroke
    • Displacement : 1049cc
    • Pump Type : 144mm High-Pressure Pump
    • Fuel Type : Regular Unleaded
    • Steering System : N/A
    • Rider Aids : N/A
    • Boarding Aids : N/A
    • Fuel System : Electronic Fuel Injection
    • Gauge Type : N/A
    • Security Type : N/A


  • Length : 2.43m
  • Width : 0.76m
  • Height : 0.79m
  • Dry Weight : 170 kg
  • Fuel Capacity : 19L
  • Vehicle Capacity : 1 person
  • Storage Capacity : N/A
  • Hull Material : Lightweight Closed Moulded FRP Hull and Deck
  • Colour : White
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